The Brand

Sea&Mast is a celebration of Indian artwork with an ultra-modern twist.

The ‘Sea’ in our name reflects a diverse and beautiful fashion destination that blends styles from different coastal regions and urban states of India.

The "Mast" in our name signifies the strong, upright, and proud vision of Sea&Mast and our designers’ workmanship. It also embodies our products’ high quality and commitment to excellence in all aspects of order fulfillment and customer service. 

"Sea" & "Mast" together represent the fusion of comfort and modernity that we strive to express in our clothing. We believe our customers will appreciate our unique blend of cultural inspirations and fashion-forward designs.

Our Products

Our biggest strength is that we are a team of young fashionistas who understand today’s fashion sense and can forecast fashion trends like a pro.

Our gorgeous catalog currently comprises Designer Gowns, Dresses, Indo-Western Kurtas, Lounge-Wear, and Co-ord from fresh Indian fashion designers. As we continue to get more love, we plan to introduce new choices, so that you are surprised every time you visit us.

So, please remain a loyal customer and trust that we will never let you down.

We hope our customers identify and appreciate the meaning behind our brand name and help us establish ourselves as a top Indian clothing brand in the global fashion market.